The FIRST® Alumni Collegiate Competition (FACC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continued FIRST Alumni engagement. Through our annual Robot in Three Days-style competition, we allow alumni to practice the skills they’ve learned in FIRST and combine them with what they’ve learned in college, on their own, and in industry. Our goal is to remind alumni of everything FIRST taught them and encourage them to stay involved and support the FIRST community.

Mission statement

FACC aims to establish and maintain a collegiate level competition for FIRST Alumni Registered Student Organizations, Corporate Communities, or clubs in and around Michigan, as a way of continuing to challenge themselves in a FIRST-inspired atmosphere.

FACC logo


FACC aims to establish a corporate and collegiate level competition for FIRST Alumni and FIRST supporters around the world. This challenging and entertaining competition will give alumni a chance to have a little fun and stay involved with the FIRST community.

FACC 2019 match play