2020 FIRST Alumni Collegiate Competition Rules

2020 Event Schedule

The 2020 match schedule can be found on the 2020 Matches page.

Time Item
Fri Jan 31st 12 pm Pits Open
Fri Jan 31st 10 pm Field Complete, Pits Close
Sat Feb 1st 8 am Pits Open
Sat Feb 1st 9 am Opening Ceremonies
Sat Feb 1st 10 am Matches Begin
Sat Feb 1st 12 pm Lunch
Sat Feb 1st 1 pm Matches Resume
Sat Feb 1st 4 pm Matches Conclude

Name, Mission, and Vision Statement

The name of this competition is the FIRST Alumni Collegiate Competition (hereby FACC). The mission of this competition is to provide a post-primary education level competition for FIRST Alumni, FIRST-focused collegiate organizations, and FIRST supporters to encourage continued FIRST involvement. We strive to increase the quality, availability, and usability of Ri3D documentation, encouraging competing teams to teach current FRC participants through example. Our vision is a challenging yet entertaining competition, useful for early FRC team gameplay and strategy decisions, accompanied by quality design and build documentation for every competing robot.

Eligible Organizations

Any Ri3D organization is eligible to register for this competition. If registration exceeds our capacity, preference will be given first to teams with well documented, published design processes intended for current FRC teams and second by registration date.


To participate in FACC, teams must follow the general Ri3D rules, building a robot to play the newly released FRC game in the three days following the game’s reveal. To accomodate organizations also hosting an FRC Kickoff event, your Ri3D build time must start within two hours of the end of game reveal. You’ll share your start time as part of the competition registration.

72 hours after your registered start time (72-74 hours after the reveal), send a video that shows the state of your robot in detail to firstalumnicollegiatecomp@gmail.com. This video will ensure that no major modifications were made to the robot between stop build and the competition, and should feature all major components of the robot. A few days after stop build, the final videos will be shared with all registered teams. Any attending team can bring up major robot modification concerns with the Head Referee on the day of the competition.

After stop build, teams are allowed unlimited time with their robot for drive practice, filming, documentation, demonstrations, etc. Any components broken during this time can be returned to their state as of stop build, but cannot be improved.

Member Requirements

To encourage continued FIRST involvement outside of Ri3D, each individual contributor to the Ri3D team must have ten documented hours of involvement with FIRST between January 1st and December 31st of the prior year. ‘Involvement’ includes mentoring at any level, volunteering at formal and informal competitions, outreach and presentations to FIRST teams, event planning, etc. When registering your Ri3D team, please email us a spreadsheet detailing each contributor’s FIRST involvement efforts.

The ten hour requirement is waived for first time contributors to your Ri3D team. Note these contributors on your spreadsheet, along with any FIRST involvement they may have completed. As a special case deserving its own consideration, Ri3D teams competing at FACC for the first time are considered to be entirely comprised of first time contributors, thus making the FIRST involvement requirement entirely optional.

Additionally, for the 2020 competition, this documentation is optional since the rule wasn’t known a full year in advance. The FIRST involvement rule will go into effect for the 2021 competition.


Registration for the 2020 competition is now open! Check out the rest of the website for FAQs, competition updates, and more information. The deadline for registration is the day before the 2020 FRC Kickoff, January 3rd, 2020.


The 2020 FIRST Collegiate Competition will be held on February 1st at Ferris State University. The field will be assembled January 31st, and teams can arrive as early as noon. The field's perimeter will be standard, and any center-field components will be wooden. Game pieces will be as close to standard as possible; any deviations from FIRST’s specifications will be communicated to registered teams. FACC will attempt to wire the field and run matches on a substitute FMS, but depending on the field’s complexity this might not be possible. Good luck teams, and we’ll see you at the competition!