Competition Videos

The opinions expressed in these videos do not reflect the official positions of the FIRST Alumni Collegiate Competition, but we will continue to update all sections of this page as teams create content. Check out the livestream of the 2020 Event on Twitch

Competitor "Bag" Videos

These are the videos registered Ri3D teams submitted 72 hours after they started their build. They are considered the final state of the robot after the three day build period, and feature all major components of the robot. Don't knock teams for video editing skill here - these videos serve as proof that major modifications weren't made outside of the three day build.


FIRST Robotics OSU

FSU Dawgs

FIRST at Michigan State

The Bulldogs



Dayton Ri3D

Competitor Build and Reveal Videos

Check out the video documentation some of our participants created! Remember - Ri3D robots are normally not the designs that win world championships, but serve as great examples of rapid prototyping. Watch out for game strategy observations, manufacturing tips, key robot design features, and data about how successful different designs proved.

FACC Reveal Video Playlist

Team Documentation Videos

Competition Videos

The day of the competition, watch matches live on Twitch